Diabetes Tips

There are thousands of people suffering from diabetes. If you are one of those people diagnosed to have this illness, do not worry. You just need to figure out the things you need to do and the habits you need to develop to keep your blood sugar under control.

Here are some tips to help you get through diabetes

Tip #1: Be aware of the symptoms. There are times that your blood sugar level will shoot up and you need to know the symptoms when this happens. Some people experience hyperglycemia, which means they become either excessively hungry or thirsty. There is also a considerable weight loss as well as excessive urination. When you experience any of these symptoms, it is important that you go to your physician right away.

Now there are some symptoms that you might experience when your blood sugar is really low. A person who experiences hypoglycemia may feel cool and have clammy skin. They also experience hunger pangs and feeling weak or faint in the process. There are people who experience numbness in the mouth area and some fluttering in the chest. When this happens it is important that you get a little bit of food with sugar in them. Always bring with you hard candy or drink juice that can alleviate your blood sugar level. Follow it up with some protein based food like peanut butter or cheese sandwich to regain your energy.

Tip # 2: Take your medications on time and as instructed by your physician. Ask for specific instructions from your doctor and follow them to the latter.

Tip # 3: Schedule your meals. Since your medications may have specific times when you need to take them and most of them depend on the time you eat your meals, it is better that you also form a new eating habit. Adhere to the schedule so that this could help maintain and stabilize your blood sugar level, which is your main concern. Make sure that you don’t skip meals or take extra snacks that are not part of your schedule because this would greatly affect your sugar levels.

Tip # 4: Try to control your meal portions. This would help you manage your blood sugar levels a great deal if you eat almost the same amount and type of food every day. You may find your blood sugar fluctuating if you try have more than you should eat the next day.

Tip # 5 Exercise regularly. Exercising would help maintain a good blood circulation that is vital to keeping your blood sugar levels in check. You don’t have to perform strenuous workouts, but a nice low impact workout like brisk walking or swimming would help control diabetes more than any medication could. Ask for your physician’s advice on the types of exercises you could do before beginning your routine.

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