Excessive Underarm Sweating Treatment

Armpit Sweat

The medical term for excessive armpit sweat is hyperhidrosis.  If you decide that you need to see a doctor for this condition,and want to find ways on how to stop your armpits from sweating you can impress him with your knowledge of the correct medical terminology.

How Do I Know If My Sweating Is A Medical Issue

If your sweating is causing you issues with relationships (for example social events become difficult because of your sweating), you should consider talking to a doctor.  There are many real life complications that arise from anxiety about sweating in social situations.  Many people suffer from depression and isolation as a result of their armpit sweat problem.

Armpit sweat is a natural reaction of the body to exercise when the body uses an appropriate amount of sweat to help cool the body.  Most people also experience sweating during stressful times such as public speaking.

People that suffer from hyperhidrosis can experience one of two situations.  One group will sweat an excessive amount during any physical activity.  Others experience a more severe case where they are constantly sweating.  This group will generally seek medical attention for their sweating condition.  The good news is that there are many options to treat hyperhidrosis.
Treatments for Armpit Sweat

The first things that most people will try are over the counter remedies.  This will include commercially available deodorants with antiperspirants.  There are many different formulations of sweat reducing products and what works for one person will not always work for another.  It may be helpful to test one product on one side and another on the other side and see which works better.  Make sure to keep detailed notes so that you don’t forget which antiperspirant was on either side.  You will also want to look at the product information that is located on the back label of the deodorant.  Pay particular attention to the section marked “active ingredients”.  These are the compounds that do the work restricting the sweat response.

If you have exhausted the different deodorants available at your local store, your next step will be to try prescription strength deodorant/antiperspirants.  The active ingredient in these products is called aluminum chloride hexahydrate.  Your doctor can discuss the side effects that you may experience with these much stronger products.  You can expect to be monitored closely when starting to use these types of products by your family doctor and perhaps even your dermatologist.

Aluminum Chloride Hexahydrate is a product that is applied nightly for about a week and then maintenance doses are reapplied every seven days.  This product works by blocking the sweat producing ducts in the underarm with the aluminum salt.  For many patients this will reduce the amount of sweating to a manageable amount in a short period of time.  When using this product, you may experience some inflammation or irritation in the underarm.  Your doctor can discuss how to reduce the inflammation, but many people are able to cope with general anti-inflammatory medicines like ibuprofin.  Others will require a steroidal cream.

If the aluminum salts are not effective, some patients have seen marked improvement with an electrical current treatment known as Iontophoresis.  This procedure involves a medical device that is applied to the skin for a fifteen minute treatment.  Although it appears to be uncomfortable, the low current stimulation does not cause any pain.  Over a period of a few weeks, this treatment can regulate the production of the sweat glands.

Some doctors will prescribe traditional medicines to combat excessive sweating.  The most popular name brand prescription is Robinul.  The side effects of this medicine include an uncomfortable dry sensation in the mouth, trouble sleeping, and vision issues.

You have probably heard of celebrities in Hollywood getting a botox treatment for their wrinkles, but you would be surprised to know that it also has real medical applications.  Botox is a Federal Drug Administration approved procedure for reducing excessive armpit sweat.  The procedure includes a very small injection of botox in between 15 and 25 spots in each armpit.  This will give about a half year of relief from symptoms.  The only drawback to this procedure is the injection procedure can be uncomfortable, but for those who can tolerate multiple shots, it gives excellent results.

If you would like to explore a permanent solution to your sweating problem you will want to discuss surgical options with your physician.  There are surgical procedures that disrupt the nervous system response necessary for sweating.  Unfortunately this procedure can cause more problems than it fixes and in some patients the sweat response moves to another area of the body.  This is not a common procedure and you should seriously consider the possible side effects with your doctor before attempting this surgery.

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